Fulvia Pedroni Farassino
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A Language for a Farewell - VERSIONE ITALIANA

by Antonio Prete

How to bring the images of dream into the light – and time – of speech? How to give a lasting presence to what is floating, drifting, insubstantial? How to turn shadows into words and pictures? These are the unescapable questions that Fulvia Pedroni Farassino faces as she moves about the nocturnal house of ghosts and illusions. Only by answering them can she give shape to something deeply hidden which gradually surfaces from the abyss of oblivion or the regions of total belonging and, its darkness shot with light, dons the guise of dream, entrusting itself to objects which act as its substitutes or its analogues, to eery interiors and ever changing landscapes. Speech can endow this ascending movement with the pace of narrative, but photography can put it into space and light, finding images in the outside world capable of conjuring up inner visions. In order to attain this experience of telling and showing one must be, like Fulvia Farassino, very close to what is hidden and maybe illegible; one must be able to investigate one’s inwardness and in the same time grab what is fleeting, give actual presence to what has departed and commune with what has become estranged; in short, one must be able to reach across the distance between the living and the dead. Thanks to this crucial artistic power, Fulvia Farassino shapes the rhythms and images of her narrative. One can see how strong her urge is to greet the most bitter and precious quality of this farewell, the conversion of an absence into a presence which is all the more real because it is intangible, all the the more intense because it is invisible, all the more intimate because it is incorporeal.
... images, voice and music are indeed an artist’s answer to time’s work of destruction. Fulvia Farassino’s writings and pictures can therefore be called exercises in invention. Invention as recovery: of things lost, of love lost, of self lost along an ever brigther path leading not to the threshold of parting but to that of a new dazzling, timeless, incorruptible meeting.

(From «Sogno in 42 fotogrammi», Edizioni Oreste Genzini e Philippe Daverio – la biblioteca di VIVARIUM)

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