Fulvia Pedroni Farassino
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Born in Cremona, Fulvia Farassino Pedroni lives in Milan since 1960.
She started her career in the field of art films and has been devoted to photography since the late 70's.
In her photographic studio she has worked freelance since the beginning of the 80's and contributes regularly to Corriere della Sera supplements: Magazine and Vivi Milano.

Her photos have been published in Max, Ciak, L'Espresso, Epoca, L'Europeo, Vanity Fair, La Repubblica, Il Corriere della sera, La Gazzetta dello sport, Insieme, Capital,   ecc, and other Italian and foreign magazines.
She specialized initially in photo-reporting in the cinema field and attended film festivals and shootings, portraying mainly actors and film makers.
She later broadened  her interests,  photoghaphing writers, artists, admen, entrepreneurs and artisans doing disappearing crafts  in their working environment.
Other works includes: photos of Iraq after the first Gulf War, the Foreign Legion  and the immigrant communities in Italy.


1980   “Gran ballo Excelsior” personale, ritratti di attori e registi al Festival di Venezia
            presso  Cappella Underground, Trieste

1994   “Ritratti cinematografici” personale, presso Galleria Cinema Zero, Pordenone.

2000   “Confini” collettiva presso libreria Tikkun, Milano

2008   “Donne raccontano donne” collettiva presso libreria Hoepli, Milano


Fulvia Farassino – Ritratti cinematografici, 1994, Cinemazero Edizioni Biblioteca dell’immagine

Donne raccontano Donne, 2006  Benzoni Editore

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